US Airways Vacations Expands VAX VacationAccess Distribution through Worldspan VacationSelect

US Airways Vacations has taken advantage of the opportunity to expand its distribution through VAX VacationAccess. US Airways Vacations will now be available through VAX’s private label site, Worldspan VacationSelect. The move makes US Airways Vacations’ product available to Travelport-connected travel agents on the Worldspan platform in the U.S. The ability to add distribution through VAX’s four GDS private label sites is a benefit for tour operators and vacation suppliers partnering with VAX.

“While VAX VacationAccess’ vacation booking engine offers the most travel supplier options in one easy-to-use platform, there is the opportunity for suppliers to enjoy further distribution through additional GDS systems that use VAX as their booking platform,” said Becky Capper, director of vendor and partner development for VAX VacationAccess. “Our private label sites are an important advantage for VAX suppliers and extend our reach beyond our already industry-leading 100,000+ travel agent users.”

VAX VacationAccess is the largest online distribution platform for the leisure travel agent community and gives travel suppliers a variety of ways to reach the travel agents that sell and market their products.

“US Airways Vacations is committed to travel agents and is excited to take advantage of the opportunity VAX VacationAccess provides, making our exceptional vacation offerings available to more agents and travelers,” said Chris Ames, director of product and sales for US Airways Vacations. “Distribution through Worldspan allows us to have visibility with the agent audiences we want to reach, especially as we continue to expand our presence in destinations such as Mexico and the Caribbean.”

VAX VacationAccess’ private label websites are Worldspan VacationSelect, Sabre Vacations, AgentNet VAX by, and Amadeus Tours. When suppliers choose to distribute through VAX, they have the option to make their product available through these additional sites as well. VAX VacationAccess is observing its 10th anniversary by celebrating the travel agents and travel suppliers that have been the backbone of VAX’s growth and success.

VAX VacationAccess,

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