Chile: Navimag Ferries Mare Australis Enters Service

Recently, Navimag Ferries in Chile began operation of the Mare Australis on the Laguna San Rafael Route. Through February 24, the company, originally known for sailing ferries on the Patagonian Fjords, is planning to visit the LSR on board the well-known ship belonging to its sister company Cruceros Autralis.

The adventure starts at the International Passenger Terminal located at the traditional quayside area in Angelmó, and then travelers head towards the magical Island of Chiloé with a final destination in the city of Castro. There they’ll board the Mare Australis cruise ship to sail through the Patagonian fjords, where they will see part of the Northern Ice Fields and the magical San Rafael Glacier located in the Lagoon of the same name that was declared as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 1979. After five days of enjoying pure untouched nature, guests disembark in Castro once again from which they will return to the city of Puerto Mont to end the adventure.

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