Czech Spa Town of Teplice Kicks Off 857th Spa Season

The Czech Spa towns have ceremonially opened the new spa season with spring celebrations and pampering and spa treatments.

This year marks the 200th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s visit to the spa town of Teplice, and visitors may stay in his recently renovated room. Clients looking for upscale amenities will appreciate a newly furnished Imperial suite in the Emperor’s Spa. All visitors to Teplice will receive, together with spa wafers, a souvenir of Spa Coffee made of South and Central American roasted coffee beans exclusively for Teplice.

In Karlovy Vary, the most famous Czech spa town, visitors will get a chance to enjoy the Old Czech fair or porcelain celebration, taking place in front of the famous Grandhotel Pupp. Elizabeth Baths named after the Empress Sisi, will celebrate its 105th anniversary this year. The spa will offer Elizabeth’s bath with mineral water and a massage. The spa town of Marianske Lazne is reopening the renovated hotel Maria Spa Courtyard, offering upscale accommodation along with a range of treatments that employ natural Maria’s gas CO2 and peat. The Royal Spa Hotel will be offering special spa and wellness packages.