Goway Travel Offers Transsiberian Rail Journey

Goway Travel has launched a new journey aboard the Tsar’s Gold Transsiberian Railway. “This train is a veritable dacha (a country home) on wheels,“ says Diane Molzan, General Manager for Asia by Goway. The train has 44 attendants, six chefs, scores of guides, waiters and engineers, as well as a doctor, a librarian and even an accordion player.

From Beijing, the locomotive traverses the Gobi desert overnight, crossing into Mongolia at the ex-oil town of Erlian. Meanwhile, there is plenty going on aboard the train, including Russian language classes, vodka and caviar tasting sessions and memorable concerts by traditional Buryat musicians. At the legendary Lake Baikal, everyone joins in a sprawling waterside barbecue of kebabs and fresh fish, as bottles of vodka are passed around, and the accordionist serenades with Russian folk songs while the engineers dance around the samovar.

“Traveling the world’s longest and most iconic train journey is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,“ continues Molzan. The Trans-Siberian traverses two continents, eight time zones and 9656km of Siberian steppe between Beijing and Moscow.
Goway Travel offers this experience with 4 quad cabins starting at $4,862 per person, 2 berth cabins starting at $6,752 and luxury deluxe cabins at $16,227 per person. The train only operates this route between the months of May to September and space sells out quickly. So much so that some 2012 dates are already close to being sold out.

Goway Travel, 888-469-2988, www.Goway.com/asia

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