Antarctic Dream Announces New Antarctic Polar Circle Crossing Expedition

Antarctic Dream is launching a new program—Antarctic Polar Circle Crossing—departing from Ushuaia January 6 and returning to Ushuaia on January 19, 2012, with the main goal to cross the Polar Circle at 66°33’44”S (subject to weather and ice conditions).

The expedition will be visiting places seldom seen by human beings, a true firsthand experience with nature and its spectacular fauna. The company will extend its Antarctic Dream Expedition Program of 11 days to 14 days in order to achieve this destination, “to cross the Polar Circle.” Prices will be the same as the classic program during shoulder season.

This new program replaces two Fly & Sail departures (January 6 and 13), the remaining four departures with one way by flight. The trip is thrilling and chilling. The moment of crossing the famous Drake Passage and the initial glimpse of the White Continent with penguins swimming among shimmering icebergs, zodiac trips to visit impressive ice formations and spot nesting colonies of sea mammals, sailing across the narrow Lemaire Channel whose high cliffs and narrow waterway make it one of the most beautiful passages in the world, and a celebratory glass of champagne on reaching Petermann and Yalour islands, Antarctica’s “inner circle.” The exact itinerary is, of course, governed by existing weather and ice conditions, so flexibility is key.

Besides magnificent mountains, snow and ice, in Antarctica one can expect to see a wide variety of native birds such as Antarctic cormorants, Kelp gulls, Cape, giant and Wilson’s storm petrels, Skuas, snowy sheathbills and Antarctic terns. Marine mammals—killer whales, humpback and minke whales, Weddell, crabeater and leopard seals may be seen, even elephant seals at close range.

At Enterprise Island there may be a zodiac cruise to an old whaler wreckage. And sailing North to Deception Island, the largest active volcano in the northwestern side of the Peninsula will appear. There will be an attempt to disembark in Whaler’s Bay and Pendulum Cove where adventurers can swim in the unique waters.

The 14-day spectacular sailing starts at $6,900. Its detailed itinerary is available online, along with a list of MV Antarctic Dream’s exclusive safety and comfort features.

Antarctic Dream,

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