Dominican Republic: Cabarete Is a Kiteboarding Paradise for Any Level

Ever since the sport started, Cabarete has had the reputation of being one of the few pioneer spots in the world of kiteboarding.

The first few kiteboarders, including the inventor of the kite, Bruno Leigagnoux, took part in inventing not only the kite, but the sport itself in this town. The story tells tales of how the first daredevils in the beginning took off from one point of the bay, aiming for the next one, without knowing even how to stop the provisionally homemade equipment. It’s come a long way since then, and the scene playing out on the water and on the beach today is hundreds of colorful sails in the air.

Just by the shore break, tourists are being taught how to control the power and movement of the wind and the kite. Out in the bay, the more experienced show off acrobatic moves high up in the air. The sport is becoming mainstream and accessible to all interested. There are hardly any limits to who can master the art, and this is very visible in Cabarete, a kiteboarding paradise and the place to learn from the best.

All through the year, beginners and professionals practice side by side. Some refer to Cabarete as a kiteboarding factory, each year presenting new professional athletes representing the Dominican Republic. Several young riders the past few years set off to compete in the world tour, and conquered top placements and prestigious titles. When not traveling, these athletes put their pride in teaching future kiteboarders.

Hotel Villa Taina has always had an onsite Windsurfing School with great services and professional staff. Once Kitesurfing became hip, Cabarete Windsportsclub at Villa Taina was part of its growth.

Established schools in the area have been hosting world-class athletes. It’s common to see pros like Susi Mai and world champion Jan Marcos Riveras ripping it up just outside the hotel.

For those who would like to relax and observe, the hotel offers chill-out areas plus a bar and restaurant. Whether watching or kitesurfing, Cabarete and the Villa Taina offer a great choice for a kiteboarding vacation.

Villa Taina,

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