Cayman Islands: Sea Turtles Choose The Reef Resort to Lay Their Eggs


The Reef resort added four loggerhead turtle nests to its’ extended family this summer. In the past few months The Reef has worked closely with Cayman’s Department of Environment to ensure the safe hatching of the nests, and all were successfully sent off.

“I love seeing the baby turtles make their way to the water and start their journey in life, so focused on one thing—getting to the water,” said Suzy Marfleet, concierge. “Knowing that one day the females will return here to lay their own eggs, I feel like we are a part of the cycle of life and doing our bit to preserve these beautiful creatures.”

When a turtle nest is found at The Reef, it is reported to the Department Of Environment and marked with caution tape and signs explaining the importance of keeping the nests undisturbed. The Reef staff and guests are alerted 48 hours prior to when the nest is expected to hatch. Since turtles use moonlight as their guide to the sea, guests are asked to keep porch lights off so the turtles don’t mistake the human lighting for the moon.

Rarely seen, a nest hatched during daylight this year. This gave guests and staff a unique opportunity to capture the process on film without damaging the turtles’ eyes with flash photography. When the nest hatched, The Reef staff reacted by placing them in a bucket with damp sand and keeping them in a cool dry place. They were kept there until dusk to keep them safe from predators on their way out to sea. The Reef prides itself on being a safe home for nests.

The Reef is the only resort on Grand Cayman with all beachfront rooms, and one of the few on the island to offer all-inclusive options. Located on the secluded East End of Grand Cayman, the family-run Reef Resort has 1,600 feet of white sand beach for 152 condo-style rooms. The full-service resort features two restaurants, a spa, two fresh-water pools, snorkeling and scuba diving, along with many on site water sport activities from White Sand Water Sports.

The Reef, 888-232-0541,,

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