Galapagos Islands Kayaking With Latin Trails


Latin Trails’ Galapagos Islands kayaking is one of most exciting and adventurous experiences offered in the company’s cruise itineraries. From extending to more islands and locations to offering brand new kayaks to fit all passengers, Latin Trails has enhanced kayaking for visits to the Enchanted Islands.

Besides hiking, snorkeling, beachcombing, and even optional diving, kayaking is a great way to discover the majesty of the Galapagos Islands. For this activity there are many locations where visitors can further explore unique flora and fauna. This is because there are many calm waterways that cut across small islets near the shore, little islands filled with exciting wildlife such as the Galapagos penguin, marine iguana or sea lion. Furthermore, as Galapagos waters are crystal clear, it’s even possible to observe the always bustlingly marine life below. Wildlife such as colorful schools of fish, stingrays, marine turtles and even small sharks can readily be seen.

Latin Trails cruise itineraries are the best way to enjoy kayaking, due to the fact that it’s possible to do in all their 4- to 15-day departures, and because the quality of its kayaking is excellent. Latin Trails has already anticipated the 15-days itinerary shift that will become compulsory in 2012 and has used this opportunity to boost their services. As there will be longer time to enjoy each location due to fewer visitors being at one spot at the same time, one thing the company has done is add more, longer and exciting kayaking opportunities to their itineraries. For example, the Post Office Bay visit in Floreana Island will now include half an hour of kayaking to Baronesa lookout before arriving in the main island’s bay. In the Galapagos Odyssey boats, there will also be the opportunity to experience this add-on in a half-hour kayak ride from Bahia Bucanero to Puerto Egas. Kayaking is also available on request; whenever possible, even if the activity is not scheduled, Latin Trails’ crew can accommodate a client’s desires and set up this fun hobby for them.

To ensure all visits are fun and safe, Latin Trails only uses kayaks in the best shape possible. Visitors who kayak are provided with safety vests and the professional crew always accompanies them either on the zodiac boats or on other kayaks. Latin Trails’ motto is safety, but fun for all as well.

Expedition catamaran M/C Galapagos Journey I has two big kayaks on board at all times. In the first-class yacht Galapagos Odyssey and in the luxury yacht Galapagos Grand Odyssey, this goes even further as they now offer brand new inflatable kayaks that can accommodate all passengers, even the full departures.

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