Ecuador: Galapagos on Land and From the Bottom of the Sea With Galextur

Galextur arranges a perfect combination of hotel stay and daily expeditions to enjoy the Galapagos Islands. Travelers can experience nature while hiking, swimming, snorkeling or diving through the wild flora and fauna in untouched surroundings. The company visits 7 of the 13 major, unique islands of the archipelago.

Trip organization is handled from arrival to departure. Hotel Silberstein on the central Island of Santa Cruz in Puerto Ayora offers personal assistance for each need. Arriving at Baltra airport, a staff member welcomes guests. A small ferry crosses the azure channel toward Santa Cruz, and private transport, either a double cabin pickup or minibus, crosses the island in about 45 minutes.

All personalized itineraries are explained. Guests can enjoy an Ecuadorian or international lunch at the hotel restaurant before a specialized guide takes them to the Charles Darwin Research Station that afternoon. Giant land tortoises, including famous “Lonesome George,” the last male of its species, will be seen.

Every day, there’s something new and unforgettable. Seymour is famous for its large, manifold bird colonies. Plazas is characterized by relaxing sea lions and iguanas. A hike leads to the highest cliff where swallow-tailed gulls cross the air screaming. Sea lions and tropical birds, blue-footed boobies and others will be seen. On Bartolome, guests will make their way up through the moon-like ambient to the highest point. The reward is an amazing view over the islands Santiago, North Seymour, Baltra, Santa Cruz and Rábida. With good weather, they might see Chinese Hat, and well-known Pinnacle Rock—the most famous, most photographed portrait of the Galapagos Islands.

Each dive site around the islands ranks among the best and most impressive in the world. Diving with pelagic fish and large sea creatures is one of the most spectacular experiences. Encounters with different species of sharks, mantas rays, whale sharks, marine turtles and sea lions are typically seen on most dives. With luck, dolphins, marine iguanas and penguins can also be seen underwater. To give guests an opportunity to dive in this “natural aquarium,”  the company opened Silberstein Diving Center in 2006. Instructor and Dive Base Manager Alex is an Island native with over 5,000 dives. On return from the dive, guests enjoy coffee with baked and fresh food delights.

Custom packages can be created for a dream vacation in Galapagos, the most untouched natural laboratory of the world.