Viajes Pacifico Peru Tour Shows Best of Novo Andean Cuisine

Peru’s delicious and varied cuisine dates back centuries, and is considered the best in Latin America. Lima is arguably the gastronomic capital of South America, with the prestigious cooking school Le Cordon Bleu located in its upscale Miraflores district.

Viajes Pacifico’s Peru Culinary Tour is a spectacular experience with accommodation in four- and five-star hotels in Lima, Paracas Bay, Cusco and the Sacred Valley and Macchu Pichu. Along the way, guests partake of the best the country serves including ceviche—the most emblematic Peruvian dish, classic creole cuisine and popular specialties such as “Pachamanca”—meats, vegetables, corn and potatoes covered in banana leaves and cooked with hot stones under earth.

There will be city tours and marketplace visits where travelers can learn about and taste fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, as well as novo-Peruvian and Andean cooking classes and a presentation by a renowned chef.

Guests will tour vineyards where the finest Peruvian wines and “piscos” are produced, as well as farms that export asparagus to the US, and they’ll enjoy personalized interaction at a family farm where the owners prepare recipes with their homegrown produce.

At Larco Herrera Museum, they’ll see pottery from the Moche civilization that left evidence of their “gourmet” interest by depicting food staples in their ceramics.

The tour will also include Peru’s legendary temples, fortresses, monasteries, citadels and canals, including Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas and colonial Cusco, as well as Ballestas island, called “the little Galapagos” due to its abundant wildlife.

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