Maduro Dive Fanta-Seas Releases Online Profit Appication Widget for Travel Agents

Maduro Dive Fanta-Seas, a leader in dive travel for over 30 years introduced a new free online application tool called PAW, which is now available. According to Richard Mitsoda, CEO of Maduro Dive Fanta-Seas “PAW stands for Profit Application Widget and was designed to provide dive travel distributors a proven method to enhance profits on individual dive travel sales, merchandise and retain customers, while maintaining complete control of their clients through through their website at all times. Initial comments from our distributors who have looked at PAW have been overwhelmingly positive.”

Here are Maduro’s 10 Reasons to obtain PAW:

1 – Make more money

2 – Offer individual discounted dive travel deals

3 – Clients return frequently to your website

4 – Only your contact information is displayed

5 – No linking out to another website

6 – No administration – Dive Deals are added and purged automatically

7 – Your option to take payment directly from your client

8 – A Maduro Dive Travel Specialist works with you

9 – You maintain complete control of your client

10 – The PAW User Code is Free

The PAW presentation is now available to be viewed online. Simply go to and look for the TradeZone Login at the bottom of the page, sign in and inside the TradeZone click on the PAW Tab. A PAW application can also be submitted online or our dive travel specialists, all divers and travel agents, are available to answer any questions.

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