Discover Mexico’s Guadalupe Valley Wine Region with Mexitours

The Guadalupe Valley wine region is located in the state of Baja California, Mexico. Also mistakenly known sometimes as Valle de Calafia (a name that has been used to promote products of this region on both a national and international level) the correct name is Valle de Guadalupe, in honor to the Franciscan mission established in one of their plateaus Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe del Norte, and destroyed by 1840.

The Guadalupe Valley is a magical land surrounded by boulder-dotted mountains. It is a valley where the crisp-fresh air perfumed by ripened grapes, and unique beauty, has attracted chefs, artists and enologists alike, who have established an exuberant, world-class wine and culinary industry. It covers several communities as Ejido El Porvenir, Francisco Zarco and San Antonio de las Minas. In the early twentieth century (1900/1910) President Porfirio Diaz agreed to a concession with some Russian families from the United States, for 50 years, to occupy what is now the Francisco Zarco. The Guadalupe Valley is equivalent in size to two thirds of Napa Valley and climatic conditions are very similar to the French southwest.

Mexitours offers travelers a variety of tours and accomodation options for the area.


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