Arizona River Runners “Unplugged” Summer Family Vacation Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

Summer is right around the corner, making right now the perfect time for travelers to plan a much needed family summer vacation. Families can give themselves a break from sensory overload this summer by experiencing a truly “unplugged” vacation in the great outdoors: A once-in-a-lifetime experience on a Grand Canyon rafting trip.

Guests can relax and experience the freedom and bliss of traveling with no phone, no TV, no computers, no work, no school, and nothing to distract them from enjoying true family togetherness. Many families today are overworked and overwhelmed, leaving them little time to truly spend quality time together. Breaking away from cookie-cutter resort vacations to enjoy the great outdoors together can be a bonding and fun experience. And since all the daily decisions are made by the guides it practically eliminates typical family vacation arguments.

Experiencing the Grand Canyon from “the bottom up” on a whitewater rafting trip can provide profound life-altering experiences for children, parents, and grandparents, and there is nothing more exciting than spending time in one of the world’s natural wonders in all of its glory.

Guests spend days riding the exhilarating whitewater of the Colorado River while being treated to some of nature’s finest “artwork”: A myriad of colors splashed against canyon walls, spectacular waterfalls, breathtaking views from side canyon hikes, and more. Evenings are spent dining riverside while swapping stories, telling jokes, and getting to know your new friends. Nights are spent sleeping under a star-studded sky, framed by the towering walls of the Grand Canyon.

Arizona River Runners offers 3-day and week-long motorized trips, as well and one and two week oar trips from April-October. Spaces are still available for the 2012 season and 2013 dates will be released in April 2012. No rafting or camping experience required.

Arizona River Runners, 800-477-7238,

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