Turkish Airlines Unveils New Boeing 737-800 With Livery Decorated with Employee Pictures

Turkish Airlines recently surprised more than 17,000 of its global employees by decorating a new Boeing 737-800 airplane from nose to tail with photos of them. The ceremonial unveiling took place at the Turkish Technic Hangar in Istanbul and gave true meaning to the motto “Globally Yours,” demonstrating that the Turkish Airlines family spans over 190 destinations across the globe. The award-winning global carrier chose this unconventional gift to acknowledge the vital role its staff has played in its ongoing success.

The entire project, which took four months to complete, was made possible thanks to the work of twenty staff members who helped designers create the photo montage and apply the final design. The custom B-737 will join the airline’s fleet, flying to destinations across the global network for one year.

Turkish Airlines, www.turkishairlines.com

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