New Berlin Brandenburg Airport’s June Opening Delayed

Flughafen Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH announced today that the new airport Berlin Brandenburg (BER) will not open on schedule on June 3. Technical problems in the field of fire protection engineering make a postponement indispensable. Burkhard Kieker, CEO of visitBerlin, stresses: “This is a responsible decision. In the interest of the tourism and convention destination Berlin, a launch of BER on a safe and comfortable basis is better than a possibly bumpy start, which impairs the arrival and departure of our guests.”

Kieker continues: “What we now expect is a calm approach and an opening date which will demonstrate the full qualities of the new airport.”

Berlin can be easily be reached through the existing airports Schönefeld and Tegel, which will remain open; all flights to and from Berlin will be carried out as scheduled. Air Berlin will continue to fly into Tegel without inconvenience to its passengers. Lufthansa confirmed that the airline will offer all newly scheduled flights to and from Tegel. Berlin will remain easily accessible and all travel will continue as planned.

At the beginning of the year Berlin recorded a double-digit growth in room nights, and visitBerlin expects a further positive development during the months to come.

Visit Berlin,