New So Spa Concept Offered at Sofitel Cartagena Santa Clara

A new era of relaxation and beauty arrived at Sofitel Cartagena Santa Clara in January 2012 with the launch of the revolutionized concept So Spa that the brand Sofitel has developed in its hotels worldwide. It is that way, that the traditions of ancient cultures from all over the world in body and mind care with the technique and refinement of the French cosmetics to create the So Spa, a stimulative experience that awakens the senses with a surprising selection of treatments that are carefully selected in a unique presentation, inspired in the gourmet cuisine, one of the differentiating elements that distinguish Sofitel’s brand in the world.

To create this new concept of So Spa, Sofitel appealed to the best beauty experts and ambassadors of the most refined and well known French cosmetics in the world and it is launching it worldwide in the last three years. Now it arrives to South America, specifically in the Sofitel Jequitimar Guaruja (Brazil), Sofitel La Reserva Cardales (Argentina) and in Sofitel Santa Clara in Cartagena (Colombia). This is the perfect tune with the positioning of the brand: French elegance and refinement in harmony with the local culture. That’s how So Spa with different therapies and treatments from all over the world is perfecting the art and jewels of French cosmetology. Each detail reflects the French concepts o beauty, attention and the “savoir vivre”.

So Spa’s design answers the personalized expectations of convenience, comfort and attention, where the five senses are sharpened by the smells, touch, juices and special tea’s, and in some cases, the sound of the nature with sea views, creating a special ambience for relaxation. These are advantages that make perfect the experience in each detail, like the welcoming ritual, with the special juices, aromas, and relaxing sounds, and the butler service, which helps to choose the best treatment.

The So Spa Sofitel Santa Clara is the first spa in Colombia that handles Sisley’s line of skin care, a French cosmetic company with more than 30 years of experience in the wellness and beauty and who are the pioneers investigating and developing products from natural plants extracts and essential oils of the highest quality.

According to Karen Smith, Sofitel Santa Clara’s So Spa Manager, says “this new concept explores and introduces new and different experiences of wellness opens us the possibility to combining which achieves greater care renewal of body and soul. On the other side, the magic of the city of Cartagena intertwined perfectly with this new relaxation experience.”

Sofitel So Spa creates a menu from a French gourmet restaurant and moved it to a wellness menu that manages to combine the treatments that will revitalize body and mind for every need, reaching a one and only experience of relaxation and wellbeing.

The wellness menu starts with the “Appetizers” (courtesy of the chef), 15 minutes massages of one digit pressure by the pool or in the Spa which are designed for people that seek relax after a busy day. Then the entrées follow with 30 to 45 minutes treatments with Hamman where it high lights skin renovation with white Colombian gold, treatment with therapeutic salts from Manaure; papaya and mango exfoliation, and Toucan moisturizing bath, including colour therapy, essential oils, coconut milk moisturizer, music therapy and chromium Shots.

The “Main Dishes” have a duration of 60 to 90 minutes of corporal massages, facial treatments, hot stone massages and other activities that nourish the body and the soul. You will find Santa Clara Specialty, Warm divine herb ritual, Candle ritual and Black Rose facial, a treatment for instant youth, exclusive of Sisley. Sisley also has its classic prevention with aromas, facial cleanness, flowing massages; and Sisley’s One Shot Phytosvelt.

The best of the world is another menus section that brings the best treatments of worldwide cultures. There, we encounter the Fusion Ethnic Massage with techniques obtained from 5 different cultures, Massages with Hot and Cold Stones, inspired in the Lomi-Lomi ritual, Bamboo Secrets, to drain the excess of liquids in the body and regenerate skin tissues; and the experience of Sisley’s “Jet Lag”, for the back and to relax the skin.

Finally, as in a good card the desserts are an exquisite and delightful delicacy. For skin care it is proposed Involvement of hot chocolate or Colombian coffee, volcanic mud mask, Virgin Mojito or Sisley’s Luxurious hand and feet Spa. As in any card, you will find ritual suggestions such as “Only two”, “Brides Dream”, “Get Together” and “Day Spa”.

Sofitel Cartagena Santa Clara opens new possibilities for relaxation achieving to combine in an exceptional way the best techniques of welfare cultures from around the world and the French cosmetology in a gourmet ambiance with a Colombian touch.

Sofitel Cartagena Santa Clara,

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