Mexico: A Popular Religious Travel Niche is Visiting the Shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe

Mexitours has some options like Great Pilgrimage in México, México Always Faithful, Great Mexican Shrine, etc. Where the main objective is to visit the Shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is not only famous for the miracles attributed to her, but some mysteries that science doesn’t fully have an explanation for. As the story goes Our Lady of Guadalupe left an image that is a reflection of herself painted miraculously in a coarse fabric made from fibers of maguey (shawl) which has been preserved intact by the grace of God though the centuries. Among some of the enigmas we may note that the image isn´t founded traces of brush and these shawl was not ready to be painted. NASA scientists said the material that causes the color is not one of the known elements on earth. In the eyes of the Virgin Mary to come light the retina shrinks and remove the light turns to dilate as in the human eye. And inside of her eyes this portrayed the tiny image of the Indian Juan Diego opened his cloak before the bishop. The black ribbon that wraps the waist and under his hands indicating that she is pregnant a few months. His feet rest on a black moon (it was a symbol of evil for Mexicans. And the angel that sustains her has opened its wings of an eagle. Mexitours offers tours and accommodation options for travelers to enjoy this unique experience.


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