Satisfaction Guarantee for All Hawaii Vacation Rentals Booked Through

Sharing that over 98% of Hawaiian Beach Rentals’ customers report no complaints of any nature, the subsidiary of Vacation Rental Agent is now offering an exclusive satisfaction guarantee. The satisfaction guarantee is a 100% refund on all fees earned by Hawaiian Beach Rentals during the booking process. These fees range from 5% to 50% of the total rental cost depending on the property. The goal of the guarantee program is complete guest satisfaction in a range of conditions that Hawaiian Beach Rentals thinks is essential to their customers. The key categories they outline are: satisfaction, service, truth, peace of mind and fair price.

Owner Jeff Berzolla explains, “We have such high quality inventory and vendors, and we pay attention to any issues that arise with an emphasis on resolving problems and making the guest happy. If we have several complaints about a property, owner or property manager we stop working with them to ensure our future guests are staying at the best rentals in Hawaii.”

Hawaiian Beach Rentals, 800-853-0787,,

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