Ken-ya Find The Ultimate Adventure In East Africa? Absolutely

Looking for adventure? Try Kenya.  Seeking a soulful sojourn replete with unforgettable memories? Choose Kenya.

Wishing to be in the center of another world, where animals rule and humans are merely spectators in a most beautiful juxtaposition?  Yes, that would be Kenya.  I’ve just returned from a visit that has refreshed my field of view with new experiences and opportunities to see some amazing product.

It’s a long flight, no matter which way you cut it and though there are no non-stops from the US, there is a wide variety of easy connections over Europe (think London, Paris, Zurich), the Middle East via Dubai or Cairo, and even through South Africa via SAA.  So, when you arrive, it’s best to take a day or two to adjust and chill out.
Nairobi, where international flights fly into, is the capital of Kenya – it is massive, a bit chaotic with its own signature charm, it’s loud at night, imposing yet at the same time a soulful exciting blend of sounds and sights. For guests that wish to stay among this type of atmosphere, there are plenty of business-quality hotels in the city near the center of the action with the clubs, bars, restaurants and more.

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