Spain: Mercure Santo Domingo Hotel’s Vertical Garden Sets World Record

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The Mercure Santo Domingo Hotel is known for having quiet rooms and a view of the hotel’s Vertical Garden, which has obtained a Guinness World record. The hotel’s patio, which is overlooked by 70 of the 200 rooms, is popular with guests seeking a relaxing setting with serene views and the soothing sound of its 20 meter water cascade. Guests can also enjoy the garden views from the Nature meeting room as well as from the flat roof swimming pool. The garden varies its colours and flowers each season making it a living masterpiece.

Additionally, the vertical garden is environmentally sustainable due to the fact that it employs a trickle down irrigation watering system, the most modern and efficient kind of watering system for these type of gardens. The watering is supplied by treated wastewater from up-to-fifty hotel rooms subsequently reused for the hotel’s flush valves and to water the garden. It is the only vertical garden with trees, some of which measure over 10 meters high, and will reach the top of the hotel in just a few years.

Mercure Santo Domingo Hotel,

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