Colombia: The Chefs of Sofitel Cartagena Santa Clara Pay Tribute to Its Sister Cultures

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Cartagena will see a tribute to two cultures from the perspective of the three chefs and the sommelier of the Sofitel Santa Clara.

The Chef of Restaurante 1621, Heberto Eljach and Chef Alexander Cabarcas from Restaurante El Claustro, have developed a fusion style from their native Colombia with the French Savoir Faire of the Sofitel brand. The chefs will celebrate Bastille Day as well as the Colombian Independence Day through creative interpretations they have developed together.

The hotel sommelier, Oscar Santos, has created a unique pairing for these creations, which represent the French Culture, with French and Spanish wine varietals, joining the new and old world and representing all the cultures celebrated in this occasion. The menu will be available throughout the entire month of July at Restaurante 1621 as a five-course menú découverte. This will offer, two appetizers (one Colombian and one French, a sorbet which is a fusion of both cultures, two entrees (one Colombian and one French) and a sorbet, also a fusion of both.

Together the three chefs and the sommelier will offer a small tasting menu with their wines to some exclusive clients, who on two occasions, the 14th and the 20th of July (Bastille Day and Colombian Independence Day), will be able to have an interactive experience with the creators of the menu guiding them through the interpretation of their masterpieces. The menu will have a cost of $95,000 COP and the menu paired with wine will have a cost of $139,000 COP.

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