Well-Being Travel Offers Travel Agents Medical Travel Insurance Product

Last week at the “Well-Being and Medical Travel Conference 2012” in Scottsdale, Arizona, Well-Being Travel announced that it has entered into a partnership with Custom Assurance Placements in order to provide travel agents with a new medical travel accident insurance product they can sell to their clients to protect them when traveling internationally for medical procedures.

While It is unlikely that problems would occur during medical travel, travel agents can offer their clients the medical insurance called Global Protective Solutions provided by Custom Assurance Placements in order to reduce the risk. The plan is designed to address the financial costs of accidental travel-related injuries and complications that could potentially result from a medical procedure abroad. 

In addition to providing patient travelers with the proper insurance coverage, selling the Global Protective Solutions medical insurance product also provides a supplemental revenue stream for travel agents to add to their medical travel specialty.

Global Protective Solutions,  www.globalprotectivesolutions.comwww.customassurance.com