Gay Tourism in Mexico with Mexitours!

Mexico is a country that offers unlimited possibilities for visitors – a wide culture, nature, beaches, hospitality and friendly smile that characterizes its people. In recent years Mexico has become a gay friendly country, and these factors allow visitors to get caught up in the Magic of Mexico, which makes people return again and again to discover new adventures.

From colorful festivals to historic and archaeological sites, to the mountains and wonderful beaches, Mexico has first class resorts and an unique nightlife that is full of excitement.

Different destinations in Mexico are considered gay-friendly cities. In Mexico City, same-sex marriage and adoption for gay and lesbian couples are legal and recognized. In Mexico, gay and lesbian marriages from other countries are recognized and respected. Cancun promotes the Cancun International Gay Festival, as well as the Arena Mx Festival in Playa del Carmen. Puerto Vallarta is known as the gay beach of Mexico, offering a big variety of gay-friendly, gay-owned and gay-only hotels.

Mexico has plenty of culture to offer its visitors, and websites such as GayFriendly.Travel opens the doors of Mexico for guests to discover the wealth left by the pre-Columbian cultures: Aztec, Maya, Olmec, Zapotec, Toltec and many more.

Mexico holds so many opportunities to discover its nature. Explore the flora and fauna of the Sierra Madres, take a journey to the volcanoes, or trail through the rainforests, deserts, lakes and ponds.

GayFriendly.Travel offers the “Best of Mexico” through its programs, allowing guests to book all sorts of various tours, including ecology, adventure, gastronomy and cultural tours.