Bonaire Set To Welcome Wounded Warriors To Island

Tourism Corporation Bonaire and the entire island will welcome a group of “Wounded Warriors” next month. The group will be scuba diving for rehabilitation and recreation from August 18-25, 2012. This is the seventh year that Bonaire will be hosting a group of U.S. military veterans.

During this week, severely wounded soldiers and their significant others will travel to the island to complete the final step in the process of obtaining their dive certifications. Representatives of DEMA’s Be A Diver Program, the North American office of Tourism Corporation Bonaire and the Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) will also be on-site in Bonaire.

This year’s contingent of ten Wounded Warriors has suffered life-changing physical injuries received in combat while stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. They and their partners will be kept busy with a variety of activities including the completion of their PADI and HSA dive certifications. The Bonaire community will gather to meet these extraordinary troops and their companions at a reception held in their honor.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire, 800-BONAIRE;