IAFTTA To Conduct Online Seminars on Africa Tourism

The International Association for Travel to Africa (IAFTTA) has announced a series of seminars on Africa tourism.  These seminars are designed to inspire, guide, and nurture travel consultants. They will also enlighten on what Africa has to offer.

Seminars will be conducted online from October 15-October 31, 2012.

Currently, seminars are planned on the following subjects:

1) Tanzania—northern circuit

2) Tanzania—the unknown: Selous, Ruaha, Saadani, Gombe, Mahale and Katavi parks

3) Kenya

4) Rwanda

5) Uganda

6) Namibia

7) Ghana

8) Kenya

9) Madagascar

10) Adventure travel

11) The benefits/disadvantages of a custom-designed safari

12) Examples of volunteer possibilities

Please register to receive more information.

IAFTTA, www.experts4africa.com/seminar/ExcitingAfrica2012/announcement.html

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