An Adventure Through Costa Rica’s Rainforest With La Mansion Inn’s Canopy Tours

One of the most endangered habitats in our planet is the rainforest. Although organizations the world over are working hard to protect these rich, diverse and essential chunks of land, it often seems that there are just as many seeking to tear down acre after acre for development and raw materials. However, in Costa Rica the story is quite different. This tiny nation which is home to about 5% of the world’s biodiversity has taken a front seat in recognizing the need to protect and preserve these endangered zones. With eco tourism at the forefront of the economy, the Costa Rican government knows that in order to attract tourists from around the world little in the way of development needs to be done.

Hotel La Mansion Inn, a luxury five star boutique hotel in Manuel Antonio began to bundle together some of the most exciting rainforest canopy tours to create some exhilarating packages for tourists who want to experience all the beauty of the rainforest in its most rare form. With more than a quarter of Costa Rica covered in rainforests, one of the best ways to explore these truly magical and enchanting realms is via the canopy tour. Developed by US scientists, who were trying to study trees without touching the plant, animal and insect life on the limbs and trunks, canopy tours emerged as the perfect solution. A fantastic way to explore a truly unique habitat like the rainforests without disturbing the wildlife or endangering the trees themselves, canopy tours have become the ideal way to get a bird’s eye view of the forest below.  Every year guests from around the globe check into the La Mansion Inn hotel, built in the very center of the tropical landscape in the heart of Manuel Antonio. Before even leaving the property to explore the rainforests and jungle guests are constantly visited by monkeys, sloths, iguanas and a beautiful array of tropical birds. The guests are then taken by private shuttle to the rainforest interior where the adventure of a lifetime begins!

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