Mexitours Offers Several Flavorful Routes

Mexican food is much more than typical dishes our country, is a reflection of an entire culture.

Corn is the most representative, staple food of all cultures of Mexico, symbol of belief and cultural identity. The originality of Mexican food with different flavors, odors, colors, and textures is recognized worldwide and considered among the top 5 in the world together with China, India, Italian and Spanish.

On 16 November 2010, UNESCO included the Mexican Food in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It is recalled that despite his frailty, cultural heritage is an important intangible cultural diversity as their wealth of knowledge and techniques are transmitted from generation to generation.

Collect food traditions both Indian and European, among many others, is known for its flavors distinctive and sophisticated with great flavor. Guacamole, chili, quesadillas, enchiladas, corn, mixiotes, mole, beans, tamales … Mexican sauces, savory and spicy.

Routes available are:

Independence Route & his Flavors (07 Days / 06 Nights)
A day with the Mexican Chef Patricia Quintana (05 Days / 04 Nights)
Cooking classes on the Patricia Quintana Restaurant (04 Days / 03 Nights)

One day Mexitours will do México City Tour visiting the historical, cultural heritage of humanity, and the National Palace and its beautiful murals painted by the great muralist Diego Rivera, the Constitution Square or Zocalo, the Aztec Templo Mayor and Metropolitan Cathedral and its main avenues, then visit Chapultepec Park and one of the most popular residential areas and the Zona Rosa. Food in the Restaurant Izote  of the renowned Chef Patricia Quintana.  Continue to the south visiting the Poliforum Cultural Siqueiros, Plaza de Toros Mexico, Teatro Insurgentes, the Olympic Stadium, the City Univer-tary, and gardens of lava Pedregal de San Angel: After Xochimi1co visit, Heritage Humanity, to ride a boat Aztec also visit the wonderful neighborhood of Coyoacan their mansio-tions of the sixteenth century and the church of San Juan Bautista with its impressive paintings. Dinner at The Dancers.