Italy: Toscana Promozione and SuperTO Launch New Travel Experience for Tuscany

Toscana Promozione has partnered with SuperTO, an organization consisting of a group of tour operators in Tuscany, to develop a new and innovative approach to tourism.

“We were very interested to read the book ‘Tourist Experience Design’ which was written by two professors at Milan University and felt that Tuscany, with its myriad tourist experiences, was particularly well-suited for this concept”, said Alessia Geroni, International Markets Manager for Toscana Promozione

This travel experience has been developed around a concept that includes various themes and revolves around asking the consumer different questions: Not where do you want to go, but who do you want to be; Not what do you want to see, but how do you want to feel?

The tour operator recommends a storyboard rather than an itinerary that can be turned into a unique motion picture that the traveler will personally perform in. SuperTO is currently working to secure a number of North American tour operators to be partners in this project, which is set to launch in January 2013.

The online booking engine will be a networking hub, a distribution platform for the selected suppliers and a booking platform for the tour operators to distribute the products to travel agents and consumers.


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