Austria: The Medical Center at the Grandhotel Lienz Announces New Gamma Swing For Back Troubles

The term ‘SymbioMed’ means the combination of different medical treatments.

Prof. Dr. Lechleitner’s practice covers 250 m² in Grand Hotel Lienz and offers space for 2 medical consultation rooms, four treatment and therapy rooms, ultrasound and ergometer rooms, as well as a special spine and movement coordination area. A five-member team including a heart specialist, a dermatologist, a sports scientist and a Chiropractor for the wellbeing of our guests.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Lechleitner is an internationally renowned consultant for internal medicine and cardiology. He leads the department of internal medicine at the Lienz hospital and was part of the team carrying out the world’s largest studies in heart attacks. He is also a qualified sports medicine and acupuncture specialist. For over 15 years he has concentrated intensively on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which he has also established at the Lienz hospital.

In the Western world spinal issues are a major health problem, causing personal suffering, economic damage and huge medical expenses. There are various therapeutic options available for treating spinal problems, ranging from medication to physical therapy to surgery.

The positive Effects from the Treatment with the device GammaSwing:

• Pain Relief
• Muscle Relaxation
• Improvement of Mobility
• Good Preparation for Physical Follow-up Therapies
• Low Risk Treatment
• Sometimes an operational approach can be delayed or even avoided by a treatment with the device GammaSwing

Besides basic and intensive check-ups, vascular checks and dermatological examinations, we offer checks based on anti-aging, homeopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. A special weight-loss programme is supported through a tailor-made exercise programme, acupuncture, homeopathy, and a nutrition plan created following the Chinese Five-Element concept. The Medical Care Team work together very closely with the hotel’s head chef.

Further therapies including ones to help you give up smoking, or to reduce the appearance of wrinkles also use acupuncture along with other measures. The “Manager Package” provides a very special experience with an intensive health check, hiking up the spiritual mountain Großglockner (Austria’s tallest mountain at 3798 m) plus green fees at the nearby golf course and a wine seminar, everything you need to get away from it all.

Sports medicine examinations as well as movement, joint and spine analyses complete our diverse offer. As well as the check-ups and therapies offered at Grand Hotel Lienz, the close cooperation with Lienz hospital (5 minutes away) enables additional examinations (e.g. endoscopies and computer and magnetic resonance imaging with modern equipment) without long waiting times and without having to stay in hospital. Every guest will receive a physician’s letter with all results and recommendations, to ensure a smooth transition with your GP.

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