CULTOURFAIR Set For Guadalajara in 2013

The 5th edition of CULTOURFAIR, International Cultural Travel Fair, will take place in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico from June 5th – 7th 2013, sponsored by Guadalajara’s Convention Bureau.

Guadalajara has already been twice the sponsoring venue of another GSAR Marketing’s event, since they hosted MITM Americas in 2000 and 2005, so they are aware of the benefits and big promotion that the fair brings to the destination. Being Mexico’s second important city, Guadalajara is a perfect venue for CULTOURFAIR, not only because of its cultural richness known worldwide, but also because it is easily reachable from many cities in the world.

Organizers share that the CULTOURFAIR notarized evaluation made by the exhibiting companies, noticed the quality of its attending buyers and as an ideal forum to seek and obtain potential business. This is an assurance that the next edition in Guadalajara will be a success as well.