Great Safaris Offering Discount On Uganda Gorilla Permits

Luxury African safari operator Great Safaris is offering a 30 percent discount on Uganda Gorilla Permits. The permits are valid in November 2012, or April and May of 2013, for $350 per person.

Great Safaris has also organized a full travel package for adventurers to take advantage of this deal. For $2,389 per person, travelers can experience the “Pearl of Africa” on a 4-day adventure through Uganda’s dark green forests, in the shadow of eight blue volcanoes. Great Safaris’ guests will track and discover the mountain gorilla in its natural mountain habitat of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest, venture out in quest of the golden monkey and have the opportunity to visit Dian Fossey’s gravesite.

In recent years, Uganda has become easier to navigate, especially for those with a limited number of vacation days, with the new scheduled flights. If travelers are looking to go above and beyond Uganda, Great Safaris offers extensions to Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Adventurers can top off their Africa experience with game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park and nature walks in Murchison Falls National Park where the mighty Nile River is squeezed through a chasm, cascading into the lake below.

Great Safaris,

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