Quasar Expeditions Launches 4×4 Patagonia Driving Adventure


Luxury South American tour operator Quasar Expeditions is launching the brand’s next exploratory adventure in partnership with Jeep – a luxurious eight day / seven night 4×4 Overland Adventure throughout both Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia.

Beginning on December 8th, aspiring pioneers will retrace the steps of those centuries before them to discover the natural wonders of the region including among them, famed Torres del Paine National Park, Los Glaciares National Park and the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier.

Modern day Vespucci’s will start their journey in Puerto Natales, Chile (after flying from either Santiago, Chile or driving from El Calafate, Argentina) where they will be met by the Quasar team and handed the keys to their road ready 2013 Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon complete with both a built-in Garmin GPS and an external, innovative GPS Ranger, which acts as a tour-guide of sorts calling out points of interest along the route and ensuring the pre-programmed hotels and destinations are reached each day. Guests have the option of driving themselves relying on their instincts and the provided technology; driving themselves but accompanied by a dedicated tour guide; or having a dedicated tour guide drive the Jeep® while they just sit back and enjoy.

Quasar has assembled an exciting and adventurous, yet comfortable and luxurious, eight-day / seven-night driving itinerary where guests spend the days exploring the surroundings with activities such as light hikes, sightseeing catamaran cruises, horseback riding and bird watching, while at night relaxing in the utmost comfort of the chosen hotels and indulge in the various food, wine and spa offerings each boasts.

No stretch of driving is more than 3-4 hours on average with most only taking an hour or two. Also, Quasar maintains their dedication to social responsibility by ensuring these are 100% carbon-free adventures through collaboration with the Carbon Fund, as well as planting 100 tree forests through a partnership with Reforest Patagonia.

Aspiring explorers have various options when booking Quasar’s 4×4 adventure. Pricing starts at $5,200 per person per trip, based on four people in one vehicle driving themselves and increases from there depending on whether a driver or guide is required and how many people are in the vehicle. For a couple, it is $5600 per person based on two people self driving in one vehicle. Children 12 and under receive a 15% discount.

Quasar Expeditions, www.galapagosexpeditions.com