Hotel Comtempo Brings High End Luxury Gay Accommodations to Costa Rica


As a tourist destination, Costa Rica has many attractions – the matchless rainforest wildlife, world class beaches and a distinctive culture name just a few. However, one exceptional and often overlooked advantage many people discover in Costa Rica is its open and welcoming attitude towards the Gay culture and community.

Costa Rica must be perhaps the only country in Central America to open its doors the way it does to the gay world. Its capital city of San Jose is full of a unique collection of gay clubs, discos, bars and hotels. Nevertheless, where does a gay tourist go who wants to experience the true Costa Rican tropical paradise while at the same time enjoying all the benefits of a Gay friendly environment? No matter where you go or who you ask in this beautiful country, the answer will be the same: “Go to Manuel Antonio”.

Manuel Antonio has become famously known as the number one gay hot spot in the country. Although the town has a rather small scattering of official gay locations, the community more than makes up for it. If it is true that Costa Ricans in general have a very open and accepting mentality, then Manuel Antonio boasts the most open and accepting of all. Gay Costa Ricans consistently choose Manuel Antonio on a year round basis as their vacation town of choice; this along with the healthy number of ex pats that have moved to the area creates the perfect tropical gay beach town.

However, for many years Manuel Antonio has been missing something. Why are there no “high end” gay hotels? While they do have their fair share of gay friendly hotels, many tourists want that extra level of quality and class that are not found in a 3 star accommodation.

This is exactly the need that was recognized by Harry Bodaan, owner of the well known five star boutique Hotel, La Mansion Inn. Anyone who might be familiar with Mr. Bodaan and the work he has done in the Manuel Antonio community knows that when he sees a need, he is almost always the first to do something about it. This was no exception.

After recognizing the need for a high end luxury gay accommodation, the vision for Hotel Contempo was born. After much work, design, labor, vision casting and patience, Hotel Contempo now stands next door to La Mansion Inn overlooking to magnificent Manuel Antonio national park. The Hotel Contempo concept is simple yet it stands alone in Manuel Antonio as the only high end luxury Gay hotel of its kind. Mr. Bodaan is extending an invitation to everyone to come and experience exactly what we have to offer as Manuel Antonio continues to grow and move forward as the ultimate gay destination in Costa Rica.

Hotel Contempo,

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