EVA Air Enhances Royal Laurel Class Service in 2013, Increased Meal Choices and More

From three weeks to 24 hours before  scheduled departure, EVA Air’s Royal Laurel Class passengers have more meal choices online than the cabin crews will be able to create in the galley after take-off. All Royal Laurel Class passengers need to do is go to the EVA Air website and pre-order from a selection of meals that resembles main course offerings in a five-star restaurant.  Dishes are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Choices include western favorites and popular Asian specialties such as steak, lobster, Taiwanese beef noodles and more. EVA’s new Royal Laurel Class top cabin and the advance meal-order service are available on all of the airline’s Los Angeles and New York flights now.

To pre-select meals, ticketed Royal Laurel Class passengers can go to the EVA Air home page, select Book and Manage Your Trip at top of the page and scroll down to the Meal Order window. Passengers can log in using the confirmation or passenger record locator number shown on their eticket or with their Evergreen Club membership numbers. Onboard, the Royal Laurel Class dining experience can start with a glass of Dom Perignon champagne followed by a good wine with dinner.

Meal service isn’t the only area where EVA takes passenger comfort and convenience to heart. It is investing US $100 million to upgrade top cabins on all of its Boeing 777-300ERs with new, fully lie-flat seats surrounded by added features especially designed for passenger comfort and convenience. EVA has configured Royal Laurel Class in a reverse herringbone layout so that passengers at windows can look out without turning and those in the center can comfortably dine and talk with travel companions. For rest or work, passengers can just as easily adjust their seats and take advantage of privacy panels. Seats are a 65 centimeters (26 inches) wide, recline 180 degrees and stretch out almost 2 meters (79 inches).

EVA completed introduction of Royal Laurel Class on Los Angeles flights at the end of November 2012 and in New York at the end of August 2012. It will begin to roll out the service on more routes in early 2013, starting with San Francisco, followed by Toronto, Paris, Amsterdam and London. It will finalize Royal Laurel Class cabin upgrades by August 2013.

EVA Air, www.evaair.com

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