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Mongolian Adventure Tours offers a variety of trips throughout Mongolia including horse rides across the landscape, camel rides, visits to the Gobi desert, trekking adventures across Mongolia, Trans-Siberian tours, train ticket booking, horse and camel tours, kayak tours, and Jeep tours by road.

The annual Naadam Festival is the biggest celebration of the year in Mongolia, showcasing the “Three Sports of Man,” horse racing, Mongolian wrestling and archery. Visiting guests can cheer on the sturdy steppe horses with their school-age riders; admire the stately wrestlers in their traditional eagle costumes; and marvel at the skill of the archers, who wield the same type of bow that Genghis Khan’s armies used, carefully crafted of birch, fish glue and deer sinew.

The Altai Mountains, the largest chain in Central Asia, guard the farthest western reaches of Mongolia, at the point where China, Russia and Mongolia meet. The Tavan Bogd or ‘Five King Peaks’ are the highest peaks in the Mongolian Altai range, the highest reaching over 4000 meters. In the summertime, the region is full of colorful wildflowers. Kazakh and Uriankhai nomads roam the plains with their flocks of sheep and herd of horses, camels and sometimes even yaks, living in their traditional yurts, called gers in Mongolia. The Muslim Kazakhs are famed worldwide for hunting with their Golden Eagles. The Uriankhai are Buddhist, and hunt in a more traditional way with bows and arrows.

Mongolian Adventure Tours will plan a custom stay, all guests have to do is book a flight to the capital city of Ulaanbaatar and inform the company of their arrival and departure dates, along with any interests in what they wish to see.

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