Saint Lucia Tourist Board Unveils New Branding Campaign, Taps ISM as New Advertising Firm

After conducting a formal review of several U.S. agencies, the Saint Lucia Tourist Board has partnered with ISM as its advertising agency of record. For the next two years, the Boston-based company will develop and manage the island’s brand campaign for North America. The newly developed creative and positioning, led by ISM’s Executive Creative Director Jonathan Plazonja, was unveiled on January 20 at the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association’s 2013 Caribbean Travel Marketplace in Nassau, Bahamas.

Drawing on research that suggests travelers are seeking more diverse and authentic experiences, ISM focused on what makes Saint Lucia distinctive — lush rainforests, waterfalls, mountains and volcanoes. The campaign, titled “Lift Your Senses,” plays off the island’s promise to deliver an elevated experience and highlights the incredibly unique character of the island to tourists in North America.

“North America is Saint Lucia #1 source market, making it critically important to our global marketing strategy,” said Nerdin St. Rose, vice president, marketing and advertising, Saint Lucia Tourist Board. “With industry expertise, unparalleled research and background working with premium travel brands, it was very evident that ISM had a clear understanding of who we need to reach and how to reach them. We are confident and excited with the approach to highlight the distinguished characteristics of the island.”

“We set out to paint a visual picture, engaging the senses and highlighting what some may consider atypical topography for an island destination. From the Pitons to the people, Saint Lucia offers visitors a chance to experience the local environment, culture and cuisine in a way that doesn’t feel ‘touristy,'” said Jonathan Plazonja, partner and executive creative director, ISM. “The ‘Lift Your Senses’ campaign tells the story of what awaits visitors by exposing a different side of Caribbean travel.”

ISM,; Saint Lucia Tourist Board,

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