BIT 2013 Renews Its Multi-target Formula


The countdown to Bit 2013 at Fiera Milano is on. Expectations are high for the new edition, with countless new ideas to make the visit for trade and for travelers even more worthwhile.

Bit organizers listened to trade views and, following a survey among professional visitors, focused on closely related businesses. For the 2013 edition, a greater relationship is developed between destinations and trade members present in the Business Village, which will be open to trade only from February 14-16 to facilitate contact between related businesses which are located in The World at the end of the route in halls 2/4.

Space devoted to Italy will improve visitors’ experiences by introducing 4 macro-areas especially for food & wine, culture, nature and sports.

The presence of China, as guest country of Bit 2013, underlines Bit’s focus on emergent tourism markets.

Among the destinations represented: Albania, Angola, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Austria, the Balearic Islands, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cayman Islands, the Canary Islands, Cyprus, Cuba, Egypt, Eire, Ethiopia, Japan, Iceland, India, Israel, Libya, Georgia, Macedonia, Madagascar, the Maldives, Malaysia, Malta, Mongolia, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Oman, the Dominican Republic, Russia, Serbia, the Seychelles, Slovenia, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, the Yemen, Hungary and the USA.

Bit 2013,