MarryCaribbean.Com Named World’s Best Wedding Agency

MarryCaribbean.Com has been voted The World’s Best Wedding Agency by Shanghai’s Travelers Club at their 2013 Luxury Travel Awards held in Shanghai. The website offers a complete listing of Caribbean destination wedding and honeymoon resources and is designed to encourage visitor interaction.

“The Caribbean competes with countries around the world to attract international travelers and we are elated that MarryCaribbean.Com has been named The World’s Best Wedding Agency by the elite members of The Shanghai Travelers Club. It is fulfilling to continue to make strides in this important market on behalf of the Caribbean’s tourism industry,” said CEO Jacqueline Johnson.

She noted that Chinese consumers are moving away from a price-based choice model to an experienced-based choice model demanding higher quality services, and seeking individual travel experiences and attributed the success of the website to her ability to respond rapidly to market demands in order to meet those needs.

Marry Caribbean,

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