Viventura Introduces Its South America Tours to U.S. Travelers With Free Flights to Colombia


Viventura is introducing its South America tours to U.S. travelers with free international airfare from Miami, New York and Los Angeles on all classic tours to Colombia when travelers book and pay in full by March 20.

Explore blue lagoons and desert ruins by horseback, visit virgin Caribbean beaches tucked among thick tropical jungles and hike beneath 150-ft. palm tree canopies. Small group sizes, its signature Learn from a Local program and tour guides passionate about South America make Viventura ideal for travelers who want to go beyond the brochure.

“Viventura doesn’t offer tours, it offers experiences. Our travelers don’t just want a sightseeing experience, they want to live it. So our itineraries are arranged to give them that in-depth exploration they desire,” said Viventura CEO Andre Kiwitz.

“We focus on what we know and love—South America. That passion makes us the South America specialists offering the most culturally authentic tours you’ll find”.

Really want to get immersed in the culture? The tours make a lasting impression with the Viventura’s Learn from a Local program. The program arranges for groups to experience and learn something culturally significant to the region directly from the people who live there. The Treasures of Colombia tour offers Learn from a Local lessons that include salsa dancing lessons unlike any offered at the local recreation center. Give in to the rhythm and surrender to some hip shaking heat under cover of a balmy Colombian night and bring home an amazing cultural experience.

The Treasures of Colombia tour takes travelers from Bogota to Cartagena, promising more than just pictures snapped from a bus. The itinerary also includes opportunities to take in vistas featuring the vibrant-colored buildings of Bogota, set against a backdrop of soaring lush-green mountains. Coffee lovers can delight in a tour of a fully functioning coffee plantation while learning about the cultivation process and enjoying fresh off-the-vine brew. For those who like to get a little dirty take a dip in a mud volcano and experience its healing properties. Get an adrenaline pump from zip lining through the forest, mountain river rafting or rappelling down a 100-ft. waterfall.

Tourists also benefit from staying in locally owned hotels and smaller group sizes—a maximum of 12 people per group. Viventura offers more than 25 full itineraries providing a balanced mix of scheduled activities and free exploration time.


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