La Mansion Inn Brings A Personal Touch to Hospitality In Costa Rica


Not too long ago Hotel La Mansion Inn in Manuel Antonio, a beautiful coastal town of Costa Rica which attracts tourists from around the world year after year, produced one of its popular newsletters discussing everything from its popular “Whale Watching Package” to its new addition of the Cousteau Suite on the main floor of the Hotel. One of the articles in the newsletter that definitely deserved much attention was a short blip entitled “What Makes Us So Different”.

It seems that everyone these days is looking for that particular hotel that will make their vacation stand out from every other they have experienced. It seems that tourists these days do not only want a clean room for the night but they are looking for something more, they are seeking after more of an experience than they are for a place to stay. The hotel is no longer a place to lay your head with a beautiful swimming pool and nice view, it has evolved and become something much more.

La Mansion Inn has made this an integral part of its vision in Costa Rica. Since opening its doors many years ago the phrase “Come As A Guest, Leave As A Friend” has precisely summarized the unique concept that La Mansion Inn seems to have become famous for. So what is it exactly that makes this hotel so different and unique?

La Mansion Inn owners add  “without a doubt the most unique factor here at La Mansion Inn must be the staff that manage to keep the hotel moving on a day to day basis. Many people will tell you that one of the most attractive and popular reasons that so many return to Costa Rica year after year is due to the warmth and the welcoming attitude that the Costa Ricans exude. When it comes to checking into LMI for a vacation in the tropical rainforest this becomes no exception. It does not take very long before the staff of La Mansion Inn begin to operate as one big family, all serving with a common goal, to give all these tourists the best vacation they have ever had. Even without the official Hospitality training, most of our staff members take classes in waiting tables, housekeeping, bartending, accounting, and front desk managing to be the very best they can be. Everything else is (believe it or not) genuine service.

Many of the staff you’ll see as you walk around the hotel have been there for many years and were trained from the ground up. Most guests like to post their reviews and opinions on Trip Advisor and it quite often seems to be the case that they always return home remembering the names of all staff members that helped to make their vacation one to be remembered. This has become, without a doubt, one of the main reasons so many people love to return to La Mansion Inn when they make their return trip to Manuel Antonio.

After travelling around the world and staying in many countries and a beautiful collection of fantastic five star hotels I can honestly say that hotels such as La Mansion Inn stand out from the rest not only in their high standard of excellence, cleanliness and quality but in that one element everybody looks for, many times without even realizing it, friendliness.”

La Mansion Inn,

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