Well-Being Travel Announces New Preferred Supplier

Well-Being Travel announced Pravassa Wellness Travel as a new preferred supplier. Pravassa Wellness Travel is known for its ability to put together life changing experiences for health conscious travelers. Pravassa provides the opportunity to shift perspective and expand the mind to help yield positive, life-changing effects.

“Many travelers no longer look at vacations as a ‘cheat week’ with culinary indulgences and days filled with doing nothing,” said Anne Marie Moebes, Executive Vice President of Well-Being Travel.

“Instead, we’re seeing that many want to maintain their healthy lifestyle away from home or use a getaway to jumpstart a new regime. It is Pravassa’s ability to meet that demand head-on with unique holistic experiences that makes it such a terrific addition to Well-Being Travel.”

The partnership will kick off on March 20 with an intimate one day mini wellness vacation experience open exclusively to members of Well-Being Travel at Atmananda Yoga in New York City. Travel professionals will meet with a nutritionist for lunch and conclude the day with an afternoon tour of the neighborhood. Space is limited.

Well-Being Travel, www.well-beingtravel.com