Verdanza Hotel San Juan Inaugurates Creative Space for Corporate Market

Many companies hold retreats and strategic planning meetings in venues outside the office in order to stimulate the team’s creativity. Verdanza Hotel has taken this concept a step further with the launch of the Muse Room, an unconventional meeting space designed to foster innovation in corporate management. “The idea behind Muse – the first of its kind in a hotel in Puerto Rico – is for people to give free reign to their imagination in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages interaction and the flow of ideas,” explained Ricky Newman, general manager of Verdanza Hotel.

The Muse Room (named in honor of the goddesses of inspiration of Greek Mythology) is not set up in the traditional sober style of a standard meeting room. On the contrary, it was conceived to be more of a playroom for professionals, where the surfaces of the walls and even the conference table are designed for people to doodle, draw and put their ideas in writing. Meanwhile, to facilitate an informal and free exchange, small ottomans can be laid out leisurely so that attendees may kick back as they would in their own living room with friends.

To recharge batteries, a fun menu of options is available for groups that do not wish to interrupt the creative vibe for a break or lunch – from in-room shiatsu massages and videogames to fruit smoothies and sushi delivered to Muse. Naturally, all the essential sound and video facilities are available, whether it is to set the tone of the meeting with music (Mozart or Lady Gaga?), make presentations or play back recordings of the brainstorming sessions of the day.

“Besides allowing a work team to break from the routine and avoid interruptions, Muse is a space to think outside the bubble, to maximize the creativity of each member of a management team,” added Newman.

Verdanza Hotel,