Maya World Tours Launches Gastronomy Tours

The gastronomic tour in El Caoba community, near Flores, Peten, is the first of gastronomic spots that Maya World Tours is officially launching on March 15, 2013.

It is all so simple: on a scenic farm guest first takes a breakfast with his hosts, traditional Maya family. Then, before cooking the selected meal, all guests have opportunity to see the crops and ancient methods of storing and processing of those goods as well.

“If they are especially keen, we will allow them to perform some work that members of this Maya family do on a daily basis,” said Maya World Tours general manager Ricardo Sagastume.

At the lunch time result must be on the table, usually some traditional dishes chosen from the great variety of the Maya dishes characteristic for Peten. That will be followed up with some dessert and nap in the hammock afterwards.

Lessons learned by guests are taken with them forever, and some have reported to have made important changes in their feeding habits due to the hands on experience with naturally grown food ingredients.

Maya World Tours,

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