Club Med Launches New “Happiness” Brand Campaign

Club Med, the original all-inclusive resort company with more than 78 resorts worldwide, has launched a new global campaign surrounding “happiness,” a philosophy that’s been in the brand’s DNA for the past 60 years. The campaign is launching in 47 countries around the world in 22 languages, including the U.S. The campaign highlights the uniqueness of Club Med vacations through a participative approach that differentiates the brand from the market. The campaign is brought to life through 16 visual metaphors and invites everyone to imagine their own happiness through a new tagline – “And What’s Your Idea of Happiness?”

“Today, happiness is participative – everyone must be able to give their own vision, their own idea of happiness,” said Jerome Hiquet, CMO of Club Med North America.” This creative approach enables Club Med to update all the values that form the brand’s DNA, while helping guests to fulfill their own ideas of happiness through a unique Club Med vacation and experience.”   As the campaign asks the question, “And What’s Your Idea of Happiness?”, Club Med is inviting guests and fans to share their ideas of happiness and see what other have shared on our wall of happiness

In 1950, Club Med was built on the vision of its two founders, Gerard Blitz and Gilbert Trigano, saying, “The goal of life is to be happy. The time to be happy is now. And the place to be happy is here.” And today, through the new campaign, Club Med maintains this vision.

Club Med, 800-ClubMed,

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