Exclusive Resorts Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Exclusive Resorts will commemorate its 10th Anniversary this month by kicking off a year-long celebration designed to thank its members for making it a leading destination club, while also highlighting the more than 165,000 curated luxury vacations it has delivered in over 61 global destinations. To date, the Club’s ever-evolving vacation offering boasts more than 350 residences around the globe, in addition to providing its 3,500 members with access to once-in-a-lifetime journeys and events across all seven continents.

“Over the past decade, countless competitors have come and gone, but none have – and none can – match the unique experience of an Exclusive Resorts vacation,” says Steve Case, Chairman and majority owner of the Club since 2004. “Time and time again, the incredible team at Exclusive Resorts delivers for our members the most precious thing in the world: perfect memories of incredible time spent with family and friends.”

“At Exclusive Resorts, we listen to what the world is telling us,” says Philippe Bourguignon, who joined the Club as CEO in June 2011. “What we are hearing today is that the ultimate luxury is time. More time with family. More time to refresh. More time to laugh. Today, nothing is more luxurious than time. By removing the hassles and complications and creating personalized services to suit the way people travel today, we give our members the luxury of more time to do the things they want to do.”

A commitment to personalized service and convenience are key traits that the company says differentiate Exclusive Resorts as the market leader.

“Exclusive Resorts is the uncontested leader in the destination club industry,” says Bourguignon. “We are not a cookie cutter luxury brand. Our members enjoy luxurious homes and meticulously tailored vacations that are made possible only by the long-lasting bonds they share with our team. Here, you are not just another cardholder—you are a family with a face and a name and a history with Exclusive Resorts. This is the legacy that will solidify our position as the market leader for years to come.”

Exclusive Resorts, 866-863-2688, www.exclusiveresorts.com

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