Panama Relocation Tours Celebrates Second Anniversary, Adds New Tours

As Panama Relocation Tours prepares to celebrate its second anniversary the company shares that it “will continue to to show a real view of life in Panama”.  The company now offers more and better options for people who go to Panama in preparation for retirement and  participants can now choose from three options and these are the 5-day Panama tour, 7-day Panama tour and the 5-day Chiriqui highlands tour.

Concerns about visa options, recreational activities, housing options and many more are all part of the 5 and 7-day Panama tours as well as the 5-day Chiriqui tour. “The differences among these tours are the areas covered,” said Jackie Lange, general manager of Live for Less in Panama.

“Those who want an in-depth tour can avail the 7-day package while those who want a specialized tour that focuses on the Chiriqui province can choose the 5-day Chiriqui tour”.

People who are considering Panama as a place for retirement will learn a lot more about Panama by having boots on the ground, traveling throughout the country instead of sitting in a seminar room for three days. Aside from sightseeing, participants will visit key areas such as hospitals, banks, residential villages, markets and shopping districts.

Another highlight of the Panama Relocation Tours is a chance to meet and greet expats who have already made the move to Panama. Socializing with the expats is part of the tour’s itinerary. Popular expat hangouts will be visited as well as expat homes and businesses.

The Panama Relocation Tours are for people who wish to retire in Panama or for those who want to discover why many people are moving to the country.

Live for Less in Panama,