Sofitel Santa Clara Cartagena’s So Spa Offers New Emerald Essence Ritual

The So SPA has introduced the new Emerald Essence Ritual, which seeks to holistically harmonize, all of our aspects: body, mind and spirit through lithotherapy.

Pantone color professionals decided that the color for the year 2013 will be the Emerald. So in tribute to Colombia and to celebrate the first year of existence at the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Hotel, Cartagena, the spa has decided to be “gloriously green” in the new treatment and create an even more exclusive ritual with Colombian gemstones.

So Spa invites all guests and visitors to indulge in a unique experience that includes all the benefits of the Colombian emerald, considered the best quality stone in the world. The Emerald Essence Ritual allows a “complete cleaning of your energy centers will fill your life with new perspectives and will deeply take care of your wellbeing with a sublime body massage and deep hydration to the skin, made of precious stones”.


The emerald has always captivated by her beauty and bright green, its presence in the legends of ancient civilizations such as lucky charms and stones of power, generating charm, respect and desire. Consisting of a hexagonal structure, the noblest of the beryl family and its green color allows us to open our minds to the understanding, vision and love.

In Colombia, emeralds reflect the luxurious green of its forests and flowers, where the tears of “Fura” caused by the loss of her beloved “Tena” penetrated the ground to become the beautiful green gemstone, according the Muzo native Indians, ancient Colombian indigenous group. This is how our Colombian emeralds mythical legend was born “mother” of the stones that comes from the depths of our earth to shine by itself.

Furthermore, the emerald is known as the good luck stone, wisdom and unconditional love. Ancient civilizations cherished it for being the stone that symbolizes love, eternal youth and the opening of roads.


The So Spa has created the Emerald Essence Ritual comprising three phases that complement a total body relaxation and revitalization of your energy. The first phase is a body relaxation massage with elixir of carefully selected and treated emeralds. This stage begins with body relaxation, followed by the opening of the chakras.

Also, in the second stage a cell renewal is performed and a hydrating mask wrap based on precious and semiprecious stones that bring all lithotherapy benefits, remineralizing and hydrating skin.

Finally the treatment concludes with a cleaning energy work, harmonization and revitalization through imposition of transparent quartz that takes care of the cleaning and purification, amethyst which brings balance and harmonizes the body’s energy channels to absorb all attributes of unconditional love, clarity on the paths chosen to reach its destination and eternal youth, when making the imposition the emerald.

This is how with the support of the Caribbean Jewelry, that carefully provides the perfect Colombian emeralds to carry out each of the treatment steps and So Spa of Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena, whose experience in the treatment and body care made this beautiful Emerald essence Ritual that seeks to provide a unique experience of wellbeing, harmonizing energies, emotions, and providing a complete relaxation throughout the body while receiving physical and aesthetic benefits.

The ritual performed with emeralds lasts two hours and thirty minutes and costs $540,000. (Col Pesos).

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Cartagena,