Experiencias Xcaret Launches Xenotes Oasis Maya Tour

On July 1 Experiencesias Xcaret will start operations of a new tour concept under the name Xenotes which will visit four different types of sinkholes in one day and offer a unique experience for tourists looking for a close contact with the nature and the mysticism that these spaces represent.

Commercial Director of Experiencias Xcaret Lizeth Álvarez Gorosave announced that the tour Xenotes will take place in different natural spaces located on the line of the so-called “Route of the Cenotes”, 22 miles from Cancun, in the town of Puerto Morelos.

“Nature at its best, extreme adventures, respect for the sacred ground of the ancient Mayans and of the legendary guardians of the jungle, called Aluxes, who should be asked permission before entering their domains, that’s how you experience a day of fun at Xenotes Oasis Maya”, said Gorosave.

The name of each of the cenotes is associated with the four elements of nature and their Mayan origins: K’áak or Fire Xenote, Ha’ or Water Xenote, Iik’ or Wind Xenote, and Lu’um or Earth Xenote.

“We are offering a new tour concept, which caters to tourists seeking experiences in small groups and history, culture and nature lovers but also enjoy adventure activities”, said Lizeth Álvarez, as she added that during this tour, visitors can enjoy activities such as rappelling, zip-lining, snorkeling, and kayaking in amazing natural spaces.

The tour includes coffee service, welcome chocolate and a sweet bread, soft drinks (water and soda) and seasonal fruits as well as a Glam picnic. The concept makes for a great option to enjoy the world of the cenotes, without which the geography of the Yucatan Peninsula could not be understood.

Experiencesias Xcaret, www.experienciasxcaret.com.mx

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