Costa Rica: La Mansion Inn Keeps Luxury Within Reach

Harry Bodaan, owner and manager of Hotel La Mansion Inn shares some hotel marketing insights. Contrary to what many might be thinking, the concept of a “bounce rate” has nothing to do with how many times a person can jump on a trampoline without falling. The true meaning is a little more “technical”.

In today’s ever changing world of web development and electronic marketing, along with the constantly changing methods of gathering relevant statistics, the “bounce rate” of a particular website refers to the amount of people that spend less than a few seconds glimpsing at the home page of a website before leaving the site altogether.

This concept of “bouncing” away from a perfectly attractive hotel website is one that many hotel owners around the world seem to be dealing with. With this in mind, why (in the world of tourism), would anyone be so averse to viewing a particular hotel website?

Most web surfers when searching for that perfect hotel tend to fall upon a certain site, and there is a surprising reason why these individuals immediately decide to leave the site before even taking a moment of consideration that this might be the hotel for them (aside from the fact that it may not be the particular site searched for).

Any guesses?

The answer is a surprising one. It seems that one of the biggest reasons many hotels have this common “high bounce rate” on their website is simply because they are listed as “Five Star”.

Strange, but true.

At the end of the day it all boils down to the challenging economy we all seem to be a part of, and the ongoing attempt to save as much money as possible. Most would be tourists who invest any time surfing the net looking for a decent hotel immediately shun any hotel that holds the title of “Five Star”. As we all may be aware of, the five star concept in today’s world of tourism creates a certain apprehension of high cost and exorbitant or perhaps even unreasonable cost. This is the greatest reason so many tourists desist from even the mere thought of staying is such a hotel. After all (side from this reason) who does not want to enjoy their vacation in a beautiful five star accommodation?

This interesting fact was a recently noticed by Mr. Harry Bodaan, owner and manager of Hotel La Mansion Inn, located in the Costa Rican beach town of Manuel Antonio. This was the point raised between himself and several of his staff members at a recent weekly meeting held on their premises. La Mansion Inn has for many years maintained its status as one of the destination’s leading properties. Along with its immaculately kept rooms, fine furnishings and first class service, the hotel has consistently maintained and run a facility that has brought many tourists back year after year.

So the question must be raised; how many people “bounce” away from the idea of staying at this hotel in favor of a lower standard lodging perhaps hidden from many luxuries such as the spectacular and unique views over the Pacific Ocean. Truth be known it is hard to say how many people seek other options, however something that has become very clear over the years is the amazing group of regular tourists who choose to return year after year. Like a family coming to visit a familiar “stomping ground” each year, La Mansion Inn has become somewhat of a best kept secret in the resort town of Manuel Antonio.

This secret is due to nothing more than its five star standards coupled with extremely reasonable prices.  While standing outside the La Mansion Inn property gazing over the jungle and ocean view, a car will pass by and slow down as they view the sign outside the hotel which reads “$80 per person, per night”. Almost as if a little confused they read the sign more than once before coming in for a guided tour of the property and facilities. So, for all those potential tourists, looking to escape to paradise, Mr. Bodann says “remember this: true luxury is not outside of your grasp.”

La Mansion Inn,