High Expectations for Costa Rica’s Low Season

Costa Rica, thanks to its geographic position as a land bridge between North and South America allows it to posses not only coasts both in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans but also an incredible range of fascinating bioversity. With over 20 national parks, 8 biological reserves and over 25% of its national territory completely dedicated to conservation, Costa Rica has become a true global paradise.

Tourists from around the world frequent Costa Rica year after year, exploring all regions, from the mountainous volcanic regions such as Poas and Arenal to the luxurious beachfront communities and national parks like the famous Manuel Antonio. With this strong attraction and immense draw to tourism there does however seem to be a yearly trend that all of those in the tourism industry have become familiar with. Beginning in May, and running all the way through to November, Costa Rica experiences what is known as the “Low Season”. The Low Season was once dubbed as Costa Rica’s winter or “Rainy Season”. Unfortunately, due to such a label, many of the potential tourists avoided planning their vacations during this time. Hotels would begin to experience a much lower occupancy rate, businesses such as restaurants and souvenir stores would struggle to push through and the local beaches around the country would begin to appear emptier and emptier.

The grand irony behind this “Rainy Season” time period is that, this may actually be one of the best times to come to Costa Rica. While many people may have this stereotypical image on their mind of an Amazonian style rainforest soaking up day after day of drenching rain, this idea of turbulent rain showers and cloudy skies could not be further from the truth. In reality, it is this time of the year that most of the residents in Costa Rica actually look forward to.  Even the veteran Costa Rica travelers know that this time of the year doesn’t need a special moniker to make it appealing.

Prices are halved, the overwhelming crowds are gone and while many of the large rain forested slopes in the mountainous regions may receive their fair share of rain, perfect sunny days at the beach are the norm. The beautiful beach towns such as Manuel Antonio usually receive a healthy rain shower in the mid to late afternoon cooling the night down just perfectly for a comfortable evening on your hotel balcony or a perfect night’s sleep. Not only does the rain cool the temperature but it also brings out a plethora of abundant flora and fauna. The views are truly spectacular, and if this were not enough it seems as though it is not only the local Costa Ricans that enjoy the Low Season, it appears that the animals also have a eagerness to “come out and play” during this time of the year.

Harry Bodaan, owner and manager of Hotel La Mansion Inn message to travel agents is “as a local resident in Costa Rica I always look forward to the low season and reuniting with the many tourist friends who have come to discover the secret beauty Costa Rica has to offer during this time”.  Rates at LA Mansion Inn drop significantly during the low season to $80 per night per person for some room categories.

La Mansion Inn, www.lamansioninn.com